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Hello ladies/gents!!

I have an exciting announcement! 

I am starting a YouTube channel and beginning my journey into becoming a makeup guru, including uploading makeup tutorials, makeup hauls and some things involving fashion as well.

I am starting off brand brand new and wanted to offer YOU guys, my very first group of guineas, the first opportunity to follow me!

I really hope all that read this choose to embark on this journey with me, as I am.

This is really important to me and hope you join along.

It’s a working process, so I have not uploaded a video on my channel yet.

I wanted to gather a small amount of viewers first!
So feel free to tell your friends!

Any and all of my followers qualify for a promo on here if requested, my ask box is OPEN (, and will be confirming those few are part of my little youtube squad.

I will post the link BELOW!

Thanks again!


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everything personal♡

still thinking of what to get my boyfriend for Christmas.

like, how does one shop for the man of their dreams..?


everything personal♡


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